4th IZA Labor Statistics Workshop: Measurement of Labor Market Conditions

  • April 2024

    IZA/OECD Workshop: Applications with Linked Employer-Employee Data


    The workshop seeks to bring together researchers who share an interest in using linked employer-employee data for innovative and policy-relevant research. The workshop will take place on April 10 and be preceded by a policy seminar with a keynote speaker on April 9. The workshop is organized in the context of the OECDs LinkEED v 2.0 project that seeks to enhance our understanding of the role of policies in inclusive growth through cross-country analytical work based on linked employer-employee data from different OECD countries. We welcome submissions of applied papers using linked employer-employee data in all areas.

    2nd IZA/OECD Workshop: Climate Change and the Labor Market


    The IZA/OECD workshops aim to increase synergies between researchers and OECD experts to promote the societal impact of academic research and the relevance of expertise. These workshops are organized twice a year and focus on topics of particular importance to the economy and society. They bring together researchers from the IZA network, OECD experts and policymakers. They take place by videoconference, over half a day, with presentations by experts, researchers and discussions with policymakers.

4th IZA Labor Statistics Workshop: Measurement of Labor Market Conditions
April 22, 2021 - April 24, 2021
Preliminary Version February 2, 2021

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Thursday, April 22:

15:30    -    16:00         Welcome and Introduction
Katharine G. Abraham (University of Maryland and IZA)
Susan N. Houseman (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and IZA)
16:00    -    16:40         Petr Sedlacek (University of Oxford), Yusuf Mercan (University of Melbourne), Benjamin Schoefer (University of California, Berkeley)
     "Countercyclical Congestion"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
16:40    -    17:20         Antonio Parlavecchio (University of Sheffield)
     "The Real Wages of Newly Hired Workers over the Business Cycle: When the Difference between Worker Flows from Unemployment and Out-of-Labor Force Matters"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
17:20    -    17:40         Break
17:40    -    18:20         Jonas Maibom (Aarhus University and IZA), Jonas Fluchtmann (Aarhus University), Anita M. Glenny (University of Copenhagen), Nikolaj Harmon (University of Copenhagen)
     "The Dynamics of Job Search in Unemployment"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
18:20    -    19:00         Martin Popp (Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg)
     "Minimum Wages in Concentrated Labor Markets"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
19:00                   Concluding Remarks
Friday, April 23:

16:00    -    16:40         Hie Joo Ahn (Federal Reserve Board), James D. Hamilton (University of California, San Diego)
     "Measuring Labor-Force Participation and the Incidence and Duration of Unemployment"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
16:40    -    17:20         Shigeru Fujita (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), Giuseppe Moscarini (Yale University), Fabien Postel-Vinay (University College London)
     "Measuring Employer-to-Employer Reallocation"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
17:20    -    17:40         Break
17:40    -    18:20         John Coglianese (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), Tomaz Cajner (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), Joshua Montes (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
     "The Long-Lived Cyclicality of the Labor Force Participation Rate"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
18:20    -    19:00         Jason Faberman (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Aysegul Sahin (University of Texas at Austin), Andreas I. Mueller (University of Texas at Austin and IZA)
     "The Aggregate Hours Gap during the Covid-19 Pandemic"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
19:00                   Concluding Remarks
Saturday, April 24:

16:00    -    16:40         Etienne Lalé (University of Québec at Montréal and IZA), André Kurmann (Drexel University), Lien Ta (Drexel University)
     "The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Employment and Hours: Real-time Estimates with Homebase Data"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
16:40    -    17:20         Leonardo Morales (Central Bank of Colombia), José Lobo (Central Bank of Colombia)
     "Estimating Vacancies from Firms’ Hiring Behavior: The Case of a Developing Economy"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
17:20    -    17:40         Break
17:40    -    18:20         Elisa Guglielminetti (Bank of Italy), Guido Bulligan (Bank of Italy), Eliana Viviano (Bank of Italy)
     "Adjustments Along the Intensive Margin and Wages: Evidence from the Euro Area and the US"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
18:20    -    19:00         Antoine Bertheau (University of Copenhagen), Henning Bunzel (Aarhus University), Rune Vejlin (Aarhus University and IZA)
     "Employment Reallocation over the Business Cycle: Evidence from Danish Data"
     Discussant: -- to be announced --
19:00                   Concluding Remarks
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