3rd IZA Workshop: The Economics of Education

  • October 2024

    IZA/ECONtribute Workshop on the Economics of Education


    The 8th IZA/ECONtribute Workshop on the Economics of Education will convene international scholars focusing on the development of skills within both formal and informal educational contexts and their valuation in the labor market. The conference will feature a select group of presenters, alongside a poster session for local researchers from the host institutions. Presentations and the keynote speech will be accessible via Zoom to an external audience.

3rd IZA Workshop: The Economics of Education
October 04, 2018 - October 06, 2018
The aim of the workshop is to bring together about 30 researchers working on the economics of education, in particular on the theme “Education and the Labor Market”.

The education system and the labor market are closely intertwined. Skills that are valued in the labor market are formed through the educational decisions of parents and students at various stages of the lifecycle. These decisions are driven by costs, and by expected returns based on beliefs about the later productiveness of skills. From a policy perspective, educational policies are concerned with shaping the supply of skills against a rapidly changing skill demand. And labor market policies might have unintended consequences for education decisions.

Against this background, the workshop aims to gather researchers to discuss the following themes (among others):
  • Changing returns to education
  • Technological change and educational mismatch
  • School-to-work transitions
  • Determinants of skill formation
  • Educational peer effects and labor market returns
  • Early determinants of gender and SES gaps

The keynote lecture will be given by Prof. Susan Dynarski (University of Michigan and IZA).

The program will consist of 21 individual talks and a poster session for local researchers, and will include a trip to the Ahr valley, one of Germany’s most scenic wine-producing areas.

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