Wei Huang

National University of Singapore, Singapore, and IZA, Germany

The one child policy is one of the most important public policies in recent China. It affected millions of people. Although there are some studies, we still have limited understanding about the one child policy. Therefore, I am really excited to participate this project to give a short description about the policy.

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research interest

Health, education, ethnicity, China

Past positions

Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), USA


PhD Economics, Harvard University, 2016

Selected publications

  • "One-child policy and the rise of man-made twins." Review of Economics and Statistics 98:3 (2016): 467–476 (with X. Lei and Y. Zhao).

  • "Collaborating with people like me: Ethnic co-authorship within the US.” Journal of Labor Economics 33:3 (2015): S289–S318 (with R. B. Freeman).

  • “Do ABCs get more citations than XYZs?” Economic Inquiry 53:1 (2015): 773–789.

  • “When does education matter? The protective effect of education for cohorts graduating in bad times.” Social Science & Medicine 127:C (2015): 63–73 (with D. M. Cutler and A. Lleras-Muney).

  • “Collaboration: Strength in diversity.” Nature 513:7518 (2014): 305–305 (with R. B. Freeman).