Torben Tranaes

SFI—The Danish National Centre for Social Research, Denmark, and IZA, Germany

I expect World of Labor to be a valuable focal point for policymakers and academic scholars and I’m excited to be a part of the project

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Executive Director of Research and Professor, SFI—The Danish National Centre for Social Research

Research interest

Labor market policy and institutions, immigration and integration, unemployment insurance and workfare, equality of opportunity, crime and the labor market

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

The Danish Ministry of Employment

Past positions

Research Director and Professor, SFI—The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit (September 2003–April 2015); Associate Professor, The University of Copenhagen (January 1996–January 2002)


PhD Economics, University of Copenhagen, 1994

Selected publications

  • “Optimal workfare with voluntary and involuntary unemployment.” The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 107:3 (2005): 459– (with C. Thustrup Kreiner).

  • “Job search and savings: Wealth effects and duration dependence.” Journal of Labor Economics 23:3 (2005): 467–490 (with R. Lentz).

  • “Migrants, work, and the welfare state: An introduction,” and “Migrants, work, and the welfare state: Summary.” In Tranæs, T., and K. F. Zimmermann Migrants, Work, and the Welfare State. University Press of Southern Denmark, 2004.

  • “To what extent are we equalizing opportunities for income acquisition among citizens.” Journal of Public Economics 87:3–4 (2003): 539–565 (with J. E. Roemer et al.).

  • “Raiding opportunities and unemployment.” Journal of Labor Economics 19:4 (2001): 773–798.