Stijn Broecke

OECD, France, and IZA, Germany

Working at the intersection of research and policy, I find the IZA World of Labor series an extremely useful and trustworthy resource that I regularly consult and refer to as part of my job

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Economist, OECD

Research interest

Labor economics, education economics, development economics

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Economist, Africa Development Bank; Economic Adviser, UK Civil Service


PhD Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2011

Selected publications

  • "University rankings: Do they matter in the UK?" Education Economics 23:2 (2015): 137–161.

  • "Wage inequality and cognitive skills: Re-opening the debate." In: Education, Skills, and Technical Change: Implications for Future U.S. GDP Growth. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2015 (with G. Quintini and M. Vandeweyer).

  • "The returns to education in Africa: Some new estimates." Journal of Development Studies 50:12 (2014): 1593–1613 (with M. Barouni).

  • "Does offering more science at school increase the supply of scientists?" Education Economics 21:4 (2013): 325–342.

  • "Tackling graduate unemployment in North Africa through employment subsidies: A look at the SIVP programme in Tunisia." IZA Journal of Labor Policy 2:1 (2013): 1–19.