Stefanie Schurer

University of Sydney, Australia, and IZA, Germany

I believe in the importance of communicating research findings to a broad audience. Researchers should therefore be able to speak in a language that policymakers and the broader public understand. IZA World of Labor provides a platform that facilitates access to key insights from a specific research field. I am pleased to contribute to this attempt to reach out

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Sydney, Australia

Research interest

Economics of human development, inequality, health economics

Past positions

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Health and Applied Economics, University of Sydney; Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Econometrics, Victoria University of Wellington; Research Fellow, University of Melbourne


PhD Economics, Ruhr University of Bochum, 2008

Selected publications

  • "Origins of adulthood personality: The role of adverse childhood experiences." BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (2017) (with J. Fletcher).

  • "The stability of personality traits during adolescence and young adulthood." Journal of Economic Psychology (2017)(with R. Elkins and S. Kassenboehmer).

  • "Lifecycle patterns in the socioeconomic gradient of risk preferences." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 119 (2015): 482–495.

  • "The stability of the big-five personality traits." Economics Letters (2012) (with D. Cobb-Clark).

  • "Two economists' musings on the stability of locus of control." The Economic Journal 123:570 (2013) (with D. Cobb-Clark).