Soohyung Lee

University of Maryland and MPRC, USA, and IZA, Germany

When I was a government official in South Korea, I often had difficulty identifying and following up on the latest developments in academic economics research from which I could draw insights when designing policies. I suspect that other policymakers and media may share this same experience. For this reason, I am particularly honored to be a part of the IZA’s efforts to reach out to the general public, the media, and policymakers to share insights from academic circles that are often not easily accessible to non-academics

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor, Economics, University of Maryland (College Park); Faculty Affiliate, Maryland Population Research Center, USA

Research interest

Labor/public, development, family economics, market design, and applied econometrics

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Consultant, Asian Development Bank, Philippines (2015); Deputy Director, International Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance, South Korea (1999–2002); Intern, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, USA (2005 summer)

Past positions

Research Fellow, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, USA (2011–2012); Visiting Professor, Hitotsubanish University, Tokyo, Japan (2013); Visiting Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea (2012)


PhD Economics, Stanford University, 2008

Selected publications

  • “Effect of online dating on marital sorting.” Journal of Applied Econometrics (Forthcoming).

  • “Multiple testing and heterogeneous treatment effects: Re-evaluating the effect of progress on school enrollment.” Journal of Applied Econometrics 29:4 (2014): 612–626 (with A. Shaikh).

  • “Propose with a rose? Signaling in internet dating markets.” Experimental Economics (Forthcoming) (with M. Niederle).

  • “Do single-sex schools make girls more competitive?” Economics Letters 124:3 (2014): 474–477 (with M. Niederle and N. Kang).

  • “Education’s role in China’s structural transformation.” Journal of Development Economics March (2013): 148–166 (with B. Malin).