IZA World of Labor
Siri A. Terjesen

Norwegian School of Economics, Norway, and American University, USA

I’m delighted to share the results from the ongoing research on individual and environment factors which support high-potential female entrepreneurs. World of Labor is a great outlet for policymakers and academics to dialogue about important policy issues such as how to help women start more innovative, market-expanding, and export-oriented ventures

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway; Chair, Entrepreneurship, Kogod School of Business, American University, USA

Research interest

Strategic entrepreneurship, international management, gender in management (corporate boards, entrepreneurship)

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Short Term Consultant, World Bank (2016); Director, Female Entrepreneurship Index, Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (2015–present); Visiting Scholar, Catalyst, USA (2015–present); Research Fellow, Ratio Institute, Sweden (2014–present)

Past positions

Visiting Fellow, Lund University; Visiting Fellow, Entrepreneurship, Growth, & Public Policy, Max Planck Institute of Economics; Post-doctoral Fellow, Queensland University of Technology


PhD Management, Cranfield University, UK, 2006

Selected publications

  • “Comparative international entrepreneurship: A review and research agenda.” Journal of Management 42:1 (2016): 299–344 (with J. Hessels and D. Li).

  • “Advancing public policy for high-growth, female, and social entrepreneurs.” Public Administration Review 76:2 (2016): 230–239 (with N. Bosma and E. Stam).

  • “Board diversity: Moving the field forward.” Corporate Governance: An International Review 23:2 (2015): 77–82 (with R. Adams, J. de Haan, and H. van Ees).

  • “Legislating a woman’s seat on the board: Institutional factors driving gender quotas for boards of directors.” Journal of Business Ethics 128:2 (2015): 233–251 (with R. Aguilera and R. Lorenz).

  • “Designing a global standardized methodology for measuring social entrepreneurship activity: The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor social entrepreneurship study.” Small Business Economics 40:3 (2013): 693–714 (with J. Lepoutre, R. Justo, and N. Bosma).