Simone Schüller

DJI, Germany, FBK-IRVAPP, Italy, and IZA, Germany

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Current position

Researcher, German Youth Institute (DJI), Germany

Research interest

Applied microeconomics, policy evaluation, Family economics, migration, education, and new technologies

Past positions

Economist, Ifo Center for Industrial Organisation and New Technologies (2016–2020); Research Fellow, Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (FBK-IRVAPP), 2013–2016; Resident Research Affiliate, IZA, Germany, 2011–2013


PhD Economics, Free University of Berlin, 2013

Selected publications

  • "Internet and voting in the social media era: Evidence from a local broadband policy.” Research Policy 49:1 (2020) (with S. Poy).

  • “Beyond the average: Ethnic capital heterogeneity and intergenerational transmission of education.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 163 (2019): 551–569 (with T. Chakraborty and K. F. Zimmermann).

  • “The effects of 9/11 on attitudes toward immigration and the moderating role of education.” Kyklos 69:4 (2016): 604–632.

  • “Parental ethnic identity and educational attainment of second-generation immigrants.” Journal of Population Economics 28:4 (2015): 965–1004.

  • “Kick it like Özil? Decomposing the native-migrant education gap.” International Migration Review 49:3 (2015): 757–789 (with A. Krause and U. Rinne).