Sergio Pinto

University of Maryland, USA

IZA World of Labor provides for an excellent way of presenting cutting edge research in an accessible way and disseminating it to a wider public. I am excited to be a part of this initiative and I am also looking forward to learning about a wide range a topics.

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

PhD Student, University of Maryland's School of Public Policy, USA

Research interest

Income inequality, subjective well-being, labor economics

Past positions



MPP, Public Policy, University of Maryland, 2013

Selected publications

  • "Well-being in metrics and policy." Science 362:6412 (2018): 287–288 (with C. Graham and K. Laffan).

  • "Unequal hopes and lives in the USA: Optimism, race, place, and premature mortality." Journal of Population Economics (2018): 1–69 (with C. Graham).

  • Presidential Elections, Divided Politics, and Happiness in the U.S. HCEO Working Paper No. 2019-015, 2019 (with P. Bencsik, T. Chuluun, and C. Graham).

  • Men Without work: Why Are They So Unhappy in the US Compared to Other Places? Brookings Global Economy & Development Working Paper No. 128, 2019 (with C. Graham).

  • "Unhappiness in America: Desperation in white towns, resilience and diversity in the cities." In: O'Hanlon, M. E. (ed.). Brookings Big Ideas For America. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2016; pp. 18–27 (with C. Graham).