Scott A. Imberman

Michigan State University, USA

IZA World of Labor gives researchers an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience of policymakers and play an important role in informing and affecting government policies worldwide. I am excited to have this opportunity to have my own and my colleagues’ research reach those who can use it to make change for the better

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor, Michigan State University, USA

Research interest

Economics of education, child development, public economics, labor economics

Past positions

Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Department of Economics, 2007–2012


PhD Economics, University of Maryland, 2007

Selected publications

  • “Incentive strength and teacher productivity: Evidence from a group-based teacher incentive pay system.” Review of Economics and Statistics 97:2 (2015) (with M. Lovenheim).

  • “Is gifted education a bright idea? Assessing the impacts of gifted and talented programs.” American Economic Journal—Economic Policy 6:3 (2014) (with S. Bui and S. Craig).

  • "Impact of bilingual education programs on limited English proficient students and their peers: Regression discontinuity evidence from Texas." Journal of Public Economics 107 (2013) (with A. Chin and N. M. Daysal).

  • "Katrina's children: Evidence on the structure of peer effects from hurricane evacuees.” American Economic Review 102:5 (2012) (with A. Kugler and B. Sacerdote).

  • "Achievement and behavior in charter schools: Drawing a more complete picture." Review of Economics and Statistics 93:1 (2011).