Petra Nieken

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

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Current position

Full Professor, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Research interest

Personnel economics, human resource management, future of work, leadership, behavioral economics

Past positions

Adjunct Professor, University of Stavanger, Norway (2013–2017); Post-Doc, University of Bonn, Germany (2009–2014); Research assistant/PhD student, University of Cologne, Germany (2005–2009)


PhD in Economics and Management (Dr. rer. pol.), University of Cologne, Germany

Selected publications

  • "Charisma in the gig economy: The impact of digital leadership and communication channels on performance." Leadership Quarterly (Forthcoming).

  • "How (not) to motivate online workers: Two controlled field experiments on leadership in the gig economy." Leadership Quarterly 32:6 (2021) (with S. Fest, O. Kvaløy, P. Nieken, and A. Schöttner).

  • "Gender differences in sabotage: The role of uncertainty and beliefs." Experimental Economics 23:2 (2020): 353–391 (with S. Dato).

  • "Lying and reciprocity." Games and Economic Behavior 118 (2019): 193–218 (with S. Dato and E. Feess).

  • "Hidden benefits of reward—A field experiment on motivation and monetary incentives." European Economic Review 76 (2015): 188–199 (with O. Kvaløy and A. Schöttner).