Peter Norlander

Loyola University Chicago, USA

IZA World of Labor is a tremendous resource that provides a gateway to greater awareness of global perspectives and rigorous evidence. I often assign my students to research and present on a topic covered by IZA WOL, and I am impressed by what they find, what they learn, and how much they enjoy these readable and informative summaries of the state of the art research on a topic. I am excited to be part of this initiative

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business, USA

Research interest

Globalization of knowledge, contemporary issues in employment relations


PhD Management and Organizations, UCLA Anderson School of Management, 2014

Selected publications

  • "The effects of technological supervision on gig workers: Organizational control and motivation of Uber, taxi, and limousine drivers." The International Journal of Human Management (Forthcoming) (with N. Jukic, A. Varma, and S. Nestorov).

  • "Inter-firm mobility and return migration patterns of skilled guest workers." Journal of Population Economics 30:2 (2017) 681–721 (with B. Depew and T. A. Sørensen).

  • "Monopsony power and guest worker programs." Antitrust Bulletin 64 (2019): 540–565 (E. Gibbons, A. Greenman, and T. Sorensen).

  • "H-1B and L-1 visa-sponsored guest workers in the USA: An analysis of the strategic impact of Indian and other firms." Thunderbird International Business Review 61 (2019): 565–579 (with A. Varma).

  • "21st century slowdown: The historic nature of recent declines in the growth of the immigrant population in the United States." Migration Letters 15:3 (2018): 409–422 (with T. A. Sørensen).