Paolo Verme

World Bank, USA

Happy to be part of this new family of researchers committed to turn research into policy making, a much needed initiative.

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Lead Economist and Program Manager, Fragility Conflict and Violence CCSA at The World Bank, USA

Research interest

Welfare economics, welfare reform, social protection, poverty, inequality

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Senior Economist at The World Bank (2015–2016), Senior Poverty Specialist at The World Bank (2010–2014), Labor Market Project Manager at the European Union (2000–2002)

Past positions

Professor of Political Economy at the University of Torino (2003–2010), Visiting Professor of Public Economics at Bocconi University, Milan (2004–2009)


PhD Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2000

Selected publications

  • "Top incomes and the measurement of inequality in Egypt." World Bank Economic Review (2017) (with V. Hlasny).

  • "The economics of forced displacement: An introduction." Region and Development 44 (2016): 141–163.

  • "Female labor participation in the Arab world: Evidence from panel data in Morocco." Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations 30 (2016): 235–367 (with A. Gadiry-Barry and J. Guennoui).

  • "Estimating quarterly poverty rates using labor force surveys: A primer." World Bank Economic Review 30 (2016): 475–500 (with M. Douidich, A. Ezzrari, and R. van der Weide).

  • "Labor mobility, economic shocks and jobless growth evidence from panel data in Morocco." Middle East Development Journal 8 (2016): 1–31 (with A. Gadiry-Barry, J. Guennoun, and M. Taamouti).