Nils Gottfries

Uppsala University, Sweden, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Research interest

Microeconomic fundamentals for macro-theory, price and pay dynamics, wage formation and unemployment, exchange rates and pricing in an open economy

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Research Fellow at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm, 1985–1994; Researcher at the National Institute of Economic Research 1977–1979

Past positions

Visiting Professor at New Economic School, Moscow, 1993


PhD Economics, Stockholm University, 1985

Selected publications

  • "Product market imperfections and employment dynamics." Oxford Economic Papers 65 (2013): 447–470 (with M. Carlsson and S. Eriksson).

  • "Preface to the special issue on price and wage dynamics." Scandinavian Journal of Economics 112:4 (2010): 643–645 (with M. Bils, S. Holden, R. Friberg, and M. Liski).

  • "Price and investment dynamics: Theory and plant-level data." Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 41:5 (2009): 907–934 (M. Lundin, C. Bucht, and T. Lindström).

  • "Prices, productivity, and wage bargaining in open economies." Scandinavian Journal of Economics 110:1 (2008): 169–195 (A. Forslund and A. Westermark).

  • "Macroeconomic fluctuations and the labor market–Preface." Scandinavian Journal of Economics 109:4 (2007): 643–644 (with R. Hall, S. Holden, E. Moen, and C. Schultz).