Michael J. Gilligan

New York University, USA

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Current position

Professor of Politics, The Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University, USA

Research interest

Post-conflict peacebuilding, international cooperation, insurgency


PhD Political Science, Harvard University, 1993

Selected publications

  • “International interventions to build social capital: Evidence from a field experiment in Sudan.” American Political Science Review 109 (2015): 427–449 (with A. Avdeenko).

  • “Civil war and social cohesion: Lab-in-the-field evidence from Nepal.” American Journal of Political Science 58 (2014): 604–619 (with B. Pasquale and C. Samii).

  • “Reintegrating rebels into civilian life: Quasi-experimental evidence from Burundi.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 57 (2013): 598–626 (with E. Mvukiyehe and C. Samii).

  • “Formal models of international institutions.” American Review of Political Science 15 (2013): 221–243 (with L. Johns).

  • Empowering Exporters: Delegation, Reciprocity and Collective Action in Twentieth Century American Trade Policy. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1997.