Kourtney Koebel

University of Toronto, Canada

The vast repository of synthesized knowledge made available through the IZA World of Labor project provides access to credible, straightforward summaries of otherwise very large and technical literatures. By enhancing the diffusion of current academic research, the project directly supports policymakers, researchers, and students all over the world who are seeking to address a wide range of complex social and policy concerns

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto, Canada

Research interest

Labor markets, social policy, poverty alleviation strategies, maternal labor supply, human capital development

Past positions

Graduate Course Instructor, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, University of Toronto (2021–2022)


MA Economics, Queen's University, Canada, 2016; MA Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada, 2017

Selected publications

  • "Public policy in a time of crisis: A framework for evaluating Canada’s COVID-19 income support programs." Canadian Public Policy 47:2 (2021): 316–333 (with D. Pohler, R. Gomez, and A. Mohan).

  • "Labor markets in crisis: The double liability of low-wage work during COVID-19." Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society (Berkeley) 59:4 (2020): 503–531 (with D. Pohler).

  • "Expanding the Canada Workers Benefit to design a guaranteed basic income." Canadian Public Policy 45:3 (2019): 283–309 (with D. Pohler).

  • "The differential impact of universal child benefits on the labour supply of married and single mothers." Canadian Public Policy 42:1 (2016): 49–64 (with T. Schirle).

  • "Gender disparities in the labour market? Examining the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta." The School of Public Policy Publications 14:18 (2021): 1–35 (with J. Baker and L. M. Tedds).