Konstantinos Pouliakas

Cedefop, and University of Aberdeen, UK, and IZA, Germany

As an expert employed at a European policy agency, with an ongoing academic and research portfolio, I find the task of translating conceptual and methodologically rigorous analysis into transparent policy messages to be a very challenging one. The IZA WoL articles have bridged a much needed gap between academic and policy discourse by fostering evidence-based, yet easy to follow, briefs that can facilitate effective policy decision-making

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Expert on Skills and Labour Markets at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)

Research interest

Skills, skill mismatch, applied labor economics, personnel economics, pay incentives, vocational education and training

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Expert, European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Advisor, World Economic Forum Advisor to European Commission projects on skills/skill mismatch Research Intern, Bank of Greece Research Intern, HM Treasury

Past positions

Honorary Professor, University Roma Tre, Italy Honorary Assistant Professor, University of Aberdeen Business School, UK Invited Assistant Professor, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


D.Phil Economics, Scottish Graduate Program in Economics, University of Aberdeen, 2007

Selected publications

  • “Multiple Job-Holding, Skills diversification and Mobility.” Industrial Relations 53:2 (2014) (with K. Panos, A. Zangelidis).

  • "Deconstructing theories of overeducation in Europe: a wage decomposition approach", Research in Labor Economics (2017) (with S. McGuinness).

  • “The Economics of Health and Safety: An Interdisciplinary Review of the Theory and Policy”, Journal of Economic Surveys, 27:1 (2011), pp. 167–208 (with I. Theodossiou).

  • “Pay Enough, Don’t Pay Too Much or Don’t Pay At All? The Impact of Bonus Intensity on Job Satisfaction”, Kyklos, 63:4 (2010), pp. 597–626.

  • “Measuring the utility cost of temporary employment contracts before adaptation: A conjoint analysis approach”, Economica, 77:308 (2009), pp. 688–709 (with I. Theodossiou).