Ken Clark

University of Manchester, UK, and IZA, Germany

The World of labor initiative is a brilliant way of harnessing the expertise of the IZA’s global network of experts. It is fast becoming an indispensable resource for researchers and policymakers interested in labor markets

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester, UK

Research interest

Ethnic minorities in the labor market, self-employment, immigration and internal migration, applied labor economics, applied econometrics, economics labor market for teachers.

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Economist Member, School Teachers Review Body, UK

Past positions

Lecturer, School of Economic Studies, University of Manchester, 1994–2000


MA Economics, University of Manchester, 1990

Selected publications

  • "Labour migration to the UK from the Eastern Partnership countries." IZA Journal of European Labor Studies 3 (2014): 15 (with S. Drinkwater).

  • "Low pay persistence in Europe." Labour Economics 23 (2013): 122–134 (with N. C. Kanellopoulos).

  • "Patterns of ethnic self-employment in time and space: Evidence from British census microdata." Small Business Economics 34 (2010): 323–338 (with S. Drinkwater).

  • "Recent trends in minority ethnic entrepreneurship in Britain." International Small Business Journal 28:2 (2010): 136–146 (with S. Drinkwater).

  • "Immigrant assimilation pre and post labour market entry: Evidence from the UK Labour Force Survey." Journal of Population Economics 22:1 (2009): 175–198 (with J. Lindley).