Katarzyna Salach

University of Warsaw, Poland

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

PhD Candidate and Researcher, University of Warsaw, Poland

Research interest

Poverty and inequality


MA, Computer Science and Econometrics, 2015

Selected publications

  • "Wealth inequality in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence from household survey and rich lists' data combined. "Economics of Transition and Institutional Change 28:4 (2020): 637–660 (with M. Brzeizński and M. Wroński).

  • "Factors that account for the wealth inequality differences between post-socialist countries." Economic Modelling 105 (2021) (with M. Brzezinski).

  • "Gender pay gaps in domestic and foreign-owned firms." Empirical Economics 61 (2021): 2237–2263 (with I. Magda).

  • "The effects of child benefit on household saving." Journal of Economic and Family Issues (2022) (with B. Liberda and M. Pęczkowski).

  • "Location, location, location: What accounts for the regional variation of energy poverty in Poland?" Energy Poverty and Vulnerability (2018): 119–140 (with M. Lis and A. Miazga).