Jose Alberto Molina

University of Zaragoza and IEDIS, Spain, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Director, Research Institute on Employment, Digital Society and Sustainability (IEDIS), University of Zaragoza, Spain

Research interest

Microeconomics and, particularly, population and family economics, labor economics, mobility and well-being, with specific interest in intra-household allocation and inter-generational transfers


PhD in Economics, University of Zaragoza, 1992

Selected publications

  • "Commuting time and sickness absence of US workers." Empirica (Forthcoming) (with J. Giménez-Nadal and J. Velilla).

  • "Intrahousehold bargaining power in Spain: An empirical test of the collective model." Journal of Family and Economic Issues (Forthcoming) (with J. Velilla and H. Ibarra).

  • "Sex ratios and work in Latin American households." Latin American Economic Review (Forthcoming) (with C. J. Campaña and J. I. Giménez).

  • "The work-family conflict: Evidence from the recent decade and lines of future research." Journal of Family and Economic Issues 42 (2021): 4–10.

  • "Self-employed and employed mothers in Latin American families: Are there differences in paid-work, unpaid work and child care?" Journal of Family and Economic Issues 41 (2020): 52–69 (with J. C. Campaña and J. I. Giménez-Nadal).