Ian Schmutte

University of Georgia, USA

I am proud to contribute to IZA World of Labor. Academics have a responsibility to make our research findings accessible and available to policymakers and the general public. The IZA has long been a leader in the dissemination of labor market research and this series continues and expands that tradition

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Georgia, USA

Research interest

Labor economics, social networks, applied econometrics

Past positions

Economist, US Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies, 2008–2010


PhD Economics, Cornell University, 2010

Selected publications

  • “Job referral networks and the determination of earnings in local labor markets.” Journal of Labor Economics 33:1 (2015): 1–32.

  • “Labor markets with endogenous job referral networks: Theory and empirical evidence.” Labour Economics 42 (2016): 30–42.

  • “Free to move? A network approach to the analysis of job mobility.” Labour Economics 29 (2014): 49–61.

  • “Economic analysis and statistical disclosure limitation.” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 50:1 (2015): 221–267 (with J. M. Abowd).

  • “Getting handcuffs on an octopus: Minimum wages, turnover, and employment.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 69:5 (2016): 1133–1170 (with K. Gittings).