Giovanni Russo

Cedefop, Greece, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Senior Research Officer, Cedefop (European Agency for Vocational Education and Training)

Research interest

Firm hiring strategies, personnel economics, internal labor markets, employment effect of changes in demand patterns, structural change and the growth of the services industry

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Research Officer, Consultancy Firm, Publica ReS (SWG group), 2007; Research Officer, Union Research Institute (CGL), IRES FvG (Institute for Economic and Social Research, Friuli Venezia Giulia), Udine, 2005–2007

Past positions

Associate Professor in Economics, Utrecht University, 2000–2004; Research Officer, Free University Amsterdam, 2009–2010; Professor of Personnel Economics, Trieste University, 2004–2009


PhD Economics, Tinbergen Institute, 1996

Selected publications

  • “The university workers' willingness to pay for commuting.” Transportation 39:6 (2012): 1121–1132 (with J. N. van Ommeren and P. Rietveld).

  • "Job and life satisfaction among part-time and full-time workers: The 'identity' approach." Review of Social Economy 70:3 (2012): 315–343.

  • "Multiple glass ceilings." Industrial Relations 51:4 (2012): 892–915 (with W. Hassink).

  • "Commuter effects on local labour markets: A German modelling study." Urban Studies 51:3 (2014): 493–508 (with F. Tedeschi, A. Reggiani, and P. Nijkamp).

  • “Accessibility and network structures in the German commuting.” Networks and Spatial Economics 11 (2011): 621–641 (with A. Reggiani and P. Bucci).