Geraint Johnes

Lancaster University, UK

Bringing academic research and policy closer together is vital to the design of both good research and good, evidence-based, policy. This is nowhere more vital than in the labor arena—where policy can fundamentally affect the quality of people’s lives

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, Lancaster University Management School, UK

Research interest

Labor market destinations in BRICs, labor market flows, costs and efficiency in educational institutions

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Director, The Work Foundation, 2014–2015


PhD Economics, Lancaster, 1987

Selected publications

  • “Costs and efficiency of higher education institutions in England: A DEA analysis.” Journal of the Operational Research Society 62 (2010): 1282–1297 (with E. Thanassoulis, M. Kortelainen, and J. Johnes).

  • “Higher education institutions' costs and efficiency: Taking the decomposition a further step.” Economics of Education Review 28:1 (2009): 107–113 (with J. Johnes).

  • “Stochastic frontier estimation of a CES cost function: The case of higher education in Britain.” Economics of Education Review 21:1 (2002): 63–72 (with H.Izadi, R.Crouchley, and R. Ozcrochi).

  • “Costs and industrial structure in contemporary British higher education.” Economic Journal 107:442 (1997): 727–737.

  • “Measuring the research performance of UK economics departments.” Oxford Economic Papers 45:16 (1993): 332–347 (with J. Johnes).