Erich Battistin

Queen Mary University of London, UK, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Research interest

Impact evaluation, economics of education, measurement error

Past positions

Associate Professor of Econometrics, University of Padua (09/2006–12/2013); Assistant Professor of Econometrics, University of Padua (09/2004–08/2006 ); Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies, London (10/2001–08/2006)


PhD Statistics, University of Padua, 2002

Selected publications

  • “Misreported schooling, multiple measures and returns to educational qualifications.” Journal of Econometrics 181:2 (2014): 136–150 (with M. De Nadai and B. Sianesi).

  • “Food and cash transfers: Evidence from Colombia.” Economic Journal 122:559 (2012): 92–124 (with O. Attanasio and A. Mesnard).

  • “Misclassified treatment status and treatment effects: An application to returns to education in the UK.” Review of Economics and Statistics 93:2 (2011): 495–509 (with B. Sianesi).

  • “Providing employers with incentives to train low-skilled employees: Evidence from the UK employer training pilots.” Journal of Labor Economics 29:1 (2011): 153–192 (with L. Abramovsky, E. Fitzsimons, A. Goodman, and H. Simpson).

  • “Why do subsidised firms survive longer? An evaluation of a program promoting youth entrepreneurship in Italy.” In: Lechner, M., and F. Pfeiffer (eds). Econometric Evaluation of Labour Market Policies. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 2001 (with A. Gavosto and E. Rettore).