Elish Kelly

Economic and Social Research Institute, and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and IZA, Germany

For anyone with an interest in labor market issues, including academics and policymakers, IZA World of Labor is an excellent resource as it provides up-to-date data and information on labor market developments across a variety of countries

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Senior Research Officer, The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI); Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin

Research interest

Unemployment and active labor market programs, migration, wages and pay bargaining institutions, participation in sport and physical activity

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Provision of briefings on the labor market situation in Ireland—specifically issues surrounding unemployment, employment, industrial relations, earnings and migration—to international ministries (e.g. Denmark, the Philippines, etc.) and organizations such as the Troika, OECD, European Commission, and the Asian Development Bank


PhD Economics, Trinity College Dublin, 2005

Selected publications

  • “Carrots, no stick, no driver: The employment impact of job search assistance in a regime with minimal monitoring and sanctions.” Journal of Labor Research 40:2 (2019): 151–180 (with S. McGuinness and P.J. O’Connell).

  • “Atypical work and Ireland’s labour market collapse and recovery.” Economic and Social Review 48:4 (2017): 463–488 (with A. Barrett).

  • "Ireland’s recession and the immigrant–native earnings gap." In: Kahanec, M., and K. F. Zimmermann (eds). Labor Migration, EU Enlargement, and the Great Recession. Berlin: Springer, 2016 (with A. Barrett, A. Bergin, and S. McGuinness).

  • "Impact of the Great Recession on unemployed and NEET individuals: Labour market transitions in Ireland." Economic Systems 39:1 (2015): 59–71 (with S. McGuinness).

  • "Participation in school sport and post-school pathways: Evidence from Ireland." National Institute Economic Review 232:1 (2015): 51–66 (with P. Lunn).