Elisabetta Lodigiani

University of Padua, Italy

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Management, University of Padua, Italy

Research interest

Development and international economics, labor economics, migration

Past positions

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy (2013–2016); Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, University of Milan, Italy (2011–2013); Post-doctoral researcher, CREA, University of Luxembourg (2008–2010)


PhD Economics, Université Catholique de Louvain, 2009

Selected publications

  • "Emigration and democracy." Journal of Development Economics 120 (2016): 209–223 (with F. Docquier, H. Rapoport, and M. Schiff).

  • "Revisiting the brain drain literature with insights from a dynamic general equilibrium world model." The World Economy 39:4 (2016): 557–573 (with L. Marchiori and I. Shen).

  • "The impact of low skilled immigration on female labour supply.” The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117 (2015): 452–492 (with E. Forlani and C. Mendolicchio).

  • “Attracting skilled immigrants: An overview of recent policy developments in advanced countries.” National Institute Economic Review 229 (2014): R3–R21 (with G. Facchini).

  • “Remittances and financial openness.” Regional Science and Urban Economics 42 (2012): 844–857 (with M. Beine and R. Vermeulen).