David L. Dickinson

Appalachian State University, and ESI, USA, and IZA, Germany

I like the idea of having a one-stop shopping place for individuals interested in empirical research on labor economics topic areas. With this IZA World of Labor project, one can gain a quick understanding of the state of empirical research on a labor topic, and also gain an understanding of the important trade-offs necessary in assessing policy recommendations

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor, Department of Economics, Appalachian State University, USA

Research interest

Experimental and behavioral economics, labor economics, sleep and decisions

Past positions

Invited Professor, GATE Research Group (Lyon, France), 2002, 2006; Assistant Professor of Economics and Management & Human Resources, Utah State University, 1999–2004


PhD Economics, University of Arizona, 1997

Selected publications

  • "Insufficient sleep reduces voting and other prosocial behaviours." Nature Human Behaviour 3:5 (2019): 492–500 (with J. B. Holbein and J. P. Schafer).

  • “Does monitoring decrease work effort? The complementarity between agency and crowding-out theories.” Games and Economic Behavior 63:1 (2008): 56–76 (with M. C. Villeval).

  • “The effects of one-night of sleep deprivation on known-risk and ambiguous-risk decisions.” Journal of Sleep Research 16:3 (2007): 245–252 (with B. McKenna, H. Orff, and S. P. A. Drummond).

  • “Meat traceability: Are U.S. consumers willing to pay for it?” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 27:2 (2002): 348–364 (with D. Von Bailey).

  • “An experimental examination of labor supply and work intensities.” Journal of Labor Economics 17:4 (1999): Part 1: 638–670.