Dan-Olof Rooth

Stockholm University, Sweden, and IZA, Germany

I am delighted to be able to express my research within this innovative project. I hope that policymakers will find this site helpful in informing them on the latest state of research on discrimination in hiring and on a range of other topics

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, Sweden

Research interest

Labor economics, health economics, migration

Past positions

Professor of Economics, Linnaeus University, Sweden


PhD Economics, Lund University, 1999.

Selected publications

  • “Does integration change gender attitudes? The effect of randomly assigning women to traditionally male teams.” Quarterly Journal of Economics (Forthcoming) (with G. Dahl and A. Kotsadam).

  • “The effect of schooling on cognitive skills.” Review of Economics and Statistics 97:3 (2015): 533–547 (with M. Carlsson, G. Dahl, and B. Öckert).

  • “Do employers use unemployment as a sorting criterion when hiring? Evidence from a field experiment.” American Economic Review 104:3 (2014): 1014–1039 (with S. Eriksson).

  • “Parental education and offspring outcomes: Evidence from the Swedish compulsory schooling reform.” American Economic Journal: Applied 6:1 (2014): 253–278 (with P. Lundborg and A. Nilsson).

  • “Height and earnings: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.” Journal of Human Resources 49:1 (2014): 141–166 (with P. Lundborg and P. Nystedt).