Daniele Nosenzo

University of Nottingham, UK

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor in Economics, School of Economics, University of Nottingham, UK

Research interest

Behavioral and experimental economics, social norm compliance, and the study of positive and negative incentives


PhD Economics, University of Nottingham, 2010

Selected publications

  • “Discretionary sanctions and rewards in the repeated inspection game.” Management Science (Forthcoming) (with T. Offerman, M. Sefton, and A. van der Veen).

  • “Self-selection into laboratory experiments: Pro-social Motives versus Monetary Incentives.” Experimental Economics 18:2 (2015): 195–214 (with J. Abeler).

  • “Encouraging compliance: Bonuses vs. fines in inspection games.” Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 30:3 (2014): 623–648 (with T. Offerman, M. Sefton, and A. van der Veen).

  • "Peer effects in pro-social behavior: Social norms or social preferences?" Journal of the European Economic Association 11:3 (2013): 548–573 (with S. Gächter and M. Sefton).

  • “Sequential versus simultaneous contributions to public goods: Experimental evidence.” Journal of Public Economics 94:7–8 (2010): 515–522 (with S. Gächter, E. Renner, and M. Sefton).