Daniel Gros

Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium

The increasing trend in labor force participation rates across Europe, especially for the elderly, is a neglected phenomenon. I am excited to be part of a project to uncover the root causes of this surprising development

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Director, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium

Research interest

Monetary policy, trade policy, climate, taxation, migration

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Economic Adviser to the European Commission; Adviser to the European Parliament, International Monetary Fund


PhD Economics, University of Chicago, 1984

Selected publications

  • "Greece and the Troika: Lessons from international best practice cases of successful price (and wage) adjustment." European Journal of Comparative Economics 14:2 (2017): 177–195 (with A. Belke).

  • "The economic impact of Brexit: Evidence from modelling free trade agreements." Atlantic Economic Journal 45:3 (2017): 317–331 (with A. Belke).

  • "The future of eurozone fiscal governance." EconPol Policy Reports 1 (2017) (with A. Delette, C. Fuest, F. Heinemann, M. Kocher, and R. Tamborini).

  • The Golden Economy in 2030: Trends and Strategies for Europe. Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies, 2015 (with C. Alcidi).

  • Banking Union as a Shock Absorber: Lessons for the Eurozone from the US. Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies, 2015 (with A. Belke).