Chiara Pronzato

University of Turin, Italy, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Turin

Research interest

Family economics


PhD Economics, ISER University of Essex

Selected publications

  • "Information and women’s intentions: Experimental evidence about child care." European Journal of Population 33:1 (2017): 109–128 (with V. Galasso, P. Profeta, and F. Billari).

  • “On the regional labour market determinants of female university enrolment in Europe.” Regional Studies 50:6 (2016): 1036–1053 (with A. Casarico and P. Profeta).

  • “Does child care availability play a role in maternal employment and children’s development? Evidence from Italy." Review of Economics of the Household 14:1 (2016): 27–51 (with M. Y. Brilli and D. Boca).

  • "Fighting lone mothers’ poverty through in-work benefits: Methodological issues and policy suggestions." CESifo Economic Studies 61:1 (2015): 95–122.

  • "The effect of grandparental support on mothers’ labour market participation: An instrumental variable approach." European Journal of Population 30:4 (2014): 369–390 (with B. Arpino and L. P. Tavares).