Catherine C. Eckel

Texas A&M University, USA

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

University Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University, USA

Research interest

Gender economics, behavioral economics

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Program Director at the National Science Foundation (NSF), member of the Advisory Committee of NSF

Past positions

Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics, University of Texas at Dallas, USA (2005–2012); Director, Center for Behavioral and Experimental Economic Science, University of Texas at Dallas, USA (2007–2012); Professor of Economics, Virginia Tech, USA (1998–2005)


PhD Economics, University of Virginia, 1983

Selected publications

  • “Common identity and the voluntary provision of public goods: An experimental investigation.” Journal of Economics Behavior and Organization (2017) (with S. X. Li and A. de Oliveira).

  • “Hidden vs. known gender effects in experimental asset markets.” Economics Letters 15 (2017): 7–9 (with S. C. Fullibrunn).

  • "Comparing rebate and matching subsidies controlling for donors' awareness: Evidence from the field." Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 66 (2017): 88–95 (with P. Grossman).

  • “Loving the long shot: Risk taking with skewed lotteries.” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 51:3 (2015): 195–217 (with P. Grossman).