Carlos Lamarche

University of Kentucky, USA, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Gatton Endowed Associate Professor of Economics, University of Kentucky, USA

Research interest

Econometrics, labor economics, microeconomic development, and empirical industrial organization

Past positions

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Kentucky, 2012–2015; Chong K. Liew Associate Professor of Economics (on leave), University of Oklahoma, 2012–2013; Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Oklahoma, 2006–2012


PhD Economics, University of Illinois, 2006

Selected publications

  • “Estimating and testing a quantile regression model with interactive effects.” Journal of Econometrics 178:1 (2014): 101–113 (with M. Harding).

  • “Estimation of censored quantile regression for panel data with fixed effects.” Journal of the American Statistical Association: Theory and Methods 108:503 (2013): 1075–1089 (with A. Galvao and L. Lima).

  • “Measuring the incentives to learn in Colombia using new quantile regression approaches.” Journal of Development Economics 96 (2011): 278–288.

  • “Robust penalized quantile regression estimation for panel data.” Journal of Econometrics 157 (2010): 396–408.

  • “The effect of information on the bidding and survival of entrants in procurement auctions.” Journal of Public Economics 93 (2009): 56–72 (with D. De Silva and G. Kosmopoulou).