Birgitta Rabe

University of Essex, UK, and IZA, Germany

Summarizing the literature in a research area is a worthwhile exercise to keep on top of developments. I hope it proves equally useful to readers from both the policy world and academia

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Current position

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, UK

Research interest

Human capital development, education, child care, maternal labor supply, migration, and residential mobility

Past positions

Research Fellow, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, UK (2009–2013); Senior Research Officer, Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex, UK (2007–2009).


PhD Political Science and Economics, Free University Berlin, 1999

Selected publications

  • "Sibling spillover effects in school achievement." Journal of Applied Econometrics (Forthcoming) (with C. Nicoletti).

  • "The effect of school spending on student achievement: Addressing biases in value-added models." Journal of the Royal Statistics Society, Series A 181:2 (2018): 487–515 (with C. Nicoletti).

  • "Universal pre-school education: The case of public funding with private provision." Economic Journal 126 (2016): 682–723 (with J. Blanden, E. Del Bono, and S. McNally).

  • "Inequality in pupils' test scores: How much do family, sibling type and neighborhood matter?" Economica 80:318 (2013): 197–218 (with C. Nicoletti).

  • "Differences in opportunities? Wage, employment, and house-price effects on migration." Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 74:6 (2012): 831–855 (with M. Taylor).