Ayako Kondo

Yokohama National University, Japan, and IZA, Germany

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful project

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor of Economics, Yokohama National University, Japan

Research interest

Labor economics and public economics

Past positions

Associate Professor at Hosei University, Assistant Professor at Osaka University


PhD Economics, Columbia University, 2009

Selected publications

  • “Differential effects of graduating during a recession across gender and race.” IZA Journal of Labor Economics 4 (2015): 23.

  • “Effects of universal health insurance on health care utilization, supply-side responses and mortality rates: Evidence from Japan.” Journal of Public Economics 99 (2013): 1–23 (with H. Shigeoka).

  • “Long-term effects of labor market conditions on family formation for Japanese youth.” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 26:1 (2012): 1–21 (with Y. Hashimoto).

  • “Gender specific labor market conditions and family formation.” Journal of Population Economics 25:1 (2011): 151–174.

  • “Long-term effects of a recession at labor market entry in Japan and the United States.” Journal of Human Resources 45:1 (2010): 157–196 (with Y. Genda and S. Ohta).