Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano

University of Alicante, Spain, and IZA, Germany

I am happy to be a part of this project, as I believe that laying out the main facts about specific labor markets in an easily accessible way is useful for both academics and policymakers

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Alicante, Spain

Research interest

Health, labor, and development economics, program evaluation

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Visiting Researcher, InterAmerican Development Bank, 2015; Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank 2013–2015; Consultant, International Labor Organization, 2014

Past positions

Assistant Professor, University of Alicante, 2014–2015; Assistant Professor, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2009–2012


PhD Economics, European University Institute, 2003

Selected publications

  • “Coverage of infertility treatment and fertility outcomes.” SERIEs–Journal of the Spanish Economic Association 6:4 (2015): 407–439 (with M. P. Machado).

  • "Wage rigidity and disinflation in emerging countries.” American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 6:1 (2014): 102–133 (with J. Messina).

  • “Smoking persistence across countries: A panel data analysis.” Journal of Health Economics 30 (2011): 1077–1093 (with D. Christelis).

  • “Smoking habits: Like father, like son, like mother, like daughter?” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 72:6 (2010): 717–746 (with M. Loureiro and D. Vuri).

  • “The rise of obesity in Europe: An economic perspective.” Economic Policy 57 (2009): 553–596 (with G. Brunello and P. Michaud).