Ann P. Bartel

Columbia Business School, USA

I am happy to be part of the IZA World of Labor project as it encourages communication between academics and practitioners, thereby facilitating a bridge between theory and practice

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Merrill Lynch Professor of Workforce Transformation at Columbia Business School; Director of Columbia Business School's Workforce Transformation Initiative

Research interest

Labor economics, human resource management, organizational strategy, job mobility, technological change

Past positions

Professor of Economics, Columbia University Graduate School of Business 1986–2008; Associate Professor of Economics, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, 1979–1986


PhD Economics, Columbia University, 1974

Selected publications

  • “Human capital and productivity in a team environment: Evidence from the healthcare sector.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6:2 (2014): 231–259 (with N. Beaulieu, C. Phibbs, and P. Stone).

  • “Technological change and the make-or-buy decision.” The Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 30:1 (2014): 165–192 (with S. Lach and N. Sicherman).

  • “Can a work organization have an attitude problem? Workplace effects on employee attitudes and organizational performance.” Labour Economics 18:4 (2011): 411–423 (with R. Freeman, C. Ichniowski, and M. Kleiner).

  • “How does information technology affect productivity? Plant-level comparisons of product innovation, process improvement and worker skills.” The Quarterly Journal of Economics 122:4 (2007): 1721–1758 (with C. Ichniowski and K. Shaw).

  • “Ownership versus environment: Why are public sector firms inefficient?” Review of Economics and Statistics 87:1(2005): 135–147 (with A. Harrison).