Anat Bracha

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

The World of Labor is a unique opportunity to share exciting and recent labor economic studies with individuals of different backgrounds in business, policy, and academia. I am hopeful that this would spark discussion and better understanding of labor-related issues, which in turn, would help make better decisions, design better policies, and lead to further academic studies

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor, The Jerusalem School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Research interest

Psychology and economics, decision making under uncertainty, applied microeconomic theory

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Economist, Research Department, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2009–2014

Past positions

Senior Economist, Research Department, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, USA (2014–2020); Visiting Scholar, Economics Department, Harvard University (2016–2017); Assistant Professor, The Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University (2006–2009)


PhD Economics, Yale University, 2005

Selected publications

  • "Doing good or doing well? Image motivation and monetary incentives in behaving prosocially." American Economic Review 99:1 (2009): 544–555 (with D. Ariely and S. Meier).

  • "Affective decision-making: A theory of optimism bias." Games and Economic Behavior 75:1 (2012): 67–80 (with D. Brown).

  • "Relative pay and labor supply." Journal of Labor Economics 33:2 (2015): 297–315 (with U. Gneezy and G. Loewenstein).

  • "Competitive incentives: Working harder or working smarter?" Management Science 59 (2013): 771–781 (with C. Fershtman).

  • "Mixed signals: Charity reporting when donations signal generosity and income." Games and Economic Behavior 104 (2017): 24–42 (with L. Vesterlund).