Ana Ferrer

University of Waterloo, Canada, and IZA, Germany

This work started from the observation that the difficulties surrounding the study of women’s labor choices has, until recently, held back our knowledge in this area. This problem is compounded in the case of immigration. The research presented here brings to light a very important aspect of immigration—the contribution of women immigrants—that has repercussions not only on economics but more generally on the demographic and sociological composition of contemporary countries

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Subject Editor

Current position

Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada

Research interest

Education, labor markets, immigration, economics of the family

Past positions

Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Canada (2009–2013)


PhD, Economics, Boston University, USA

Selected publications

  • “Immigrants and demography: Marriage, divorce, and fertility.” In: Chiswick, B. R., and P. W. Miller (eds). Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, 1A: The Immigrants. Amsterdam, Netherlands: North Holland, 2014 (with A. Adsera).

  • “The myth of immigrant women as secondary workers: Evidence from Canada.” American Economic Review 104:5 (2014): 360–364 (with A. Adsera).

  • “Factors influencing the fertility choices of child immigrants in Canada.” Population Studies 68:1 (2014): 65–79 (with A. Adsera).

  • “The puzzling effect of delaying schooling on Canadian wages.” Canadian Public Policy 40:3 (2014) (with A. Menendez).

  • “Fertility patterns of child migrants: Age at migration and ancestry in comparative perspective.” The Annals of the American Academic of Political Science 643:1 (2012): 160–189 (with A. Adsera, W. Sigle-Rushton, and B. Wilson).