Aimee Chin

University of Houston, USA, and IZA, Germany

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Current position

Professor, Department of Economics, University of Houston, USA

Research interest

Labor and development economics, focusing on the effects of human capital investments


PhD Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001

Selected publications

  • “Language skills and earnings: Evidence from childhood immigrants.” Review of Economics and Statistics 86 (2004): 481–496 (with H. Bleakley).

  • “What holds back the second generation? The intergenerational transmission of language human capital among immigrants.” Journal of Human Resources 43 (2008): 267–298 (with H. Bleakley).

  • “Age at arrival, English proficiency, and social assimilation among U.S. immigrants.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2 (2010): 165–192 (with H. Bleakley).

  • “The returns to English-language skills in India.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 61 (2013): 335–367 (with M. Azam and N. Prakash).

  • “Impact of bilingual education programs on limited English proficient students and their peers: Regression discontinuity evidence from Texas.” Journal of Public Economics 107 (2013): 63–78 (with M. Daysal and S. Imberman).