Konstantinos Tatsiramos

University of Luxembourg and LISER, Luxembourg, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson, Former Editor


Unemployment, Unemployment insurance


United Kingdom


Greek - Native speaker, English - Non-native speaker



Current position

Professor of Labour Economics, University of Luxembourg and LISER, Luxembourg

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Background Report on “Labor Market Effects of Unemployment Insurance Design” (with J. C. van Ours) for the Swedish Government Committee on Employment Policies, 2009–2010; Member of the Core Research Team for the IZA study on “Geographic Mobility in the EU: Optimizing its Social and Economic Benefits,” 2006–2008; Report to the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Contract reference No: VT/2006/042 (published also as IZA Research Report No. 19)

Past positions

Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Nottingham, UK; Senior Research Associate, IZA, Bonn


PhD Economics, European University Institute, 2004

Selected publications

  • “Benefits duration, unemployment duration and job match quality: A regression discontinuity approach.” Journal of Applied Econometrics 28 (2013): 604–627 (with M. Caliendo and A. Uhlendorff).

  • “Labor market effects of unemployment insurance design.” Journal of Economic Surveys 28:2 (2014): 284–311 (with J. C. van Ours).

  • “Fertility and female employment dynamics in Europe: The effect of using alternative econometric modeling assumptions.” Journal of Applied Econometrics 26:4 (2011): 549–714 (with P. Michaud).

  • “Job displacement and the transitions to re–employment and early retirement for non–employed older workers.” European Economic Review 54 (2010): 517–535.

  • “Unemployment insurance in Europe: Unemployment duration and subsequent employment stability.” Journal of the European Economic Association 7:6 (2009): 1225–1260.