Claudio Lucifora

Università Cattolica, Italy, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson


Labor economics, Economics of unions, Industrial relations, Wages and inequality, Public–private sector: wages, Public–private sector: employment, Low-wage employment, Working poor, Minimum wages, Education economics, Health economics, Workers’ health and safety, Job quality




Italian - Native speaker, English - Non-native speaker, French - Non-native speaker, Spanish - Non-native speaker

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Current position

Professor of Economics, Università Cattolica, Italy

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Consultant for ISFOL, Italian Ministry of Labor and Equal Opportunities; CNEL, Employment and Labor Agency

Past positions

Associate Professor, Political Economy, Università Cattolica (Piacenza), 1999–2000; Associate Professor, Political Economy, Università degli studi di Palermo, 1998–1999


PhD Economics, University of Warwick, 1991

Selected publications

  • “Paying for Performance: Incentive Pay Schemes and Employees’ Financial Participation.” In: Boeri, T., C. Lucifora, and K. Murphy. Executive Remuneration and Employee Performance-Related Pay. Oxford University Press, 2013 (with A. Bryson, R. Freeman, M. Pellizzari, and V. Pérotin).

  • “Cheating and Social Interactions. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in a National Evaluation Program.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2014) (with M. Tonello).

  • “Performance-Related Pay and Firm Productivity: Evidence from a Reform in the Structure of Collective Bargaining.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 68:3 (2001): 606–632 (with F. Origo).

  • "The Effect of Comprehensive Smoking Bans in European Workplaces." Forum for Health Economics & Policy 16:1 (2013): 1–27 (with F. Origo).

  • "Mental Health and Working Conditions in European Countries." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66:4 (2013) (with E. Cottini).