Andrew E. Clark

Paris School of Economics–CNRS, France, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson


Satisfaction at work, Well-being




English - Native speaker, French - Non-native speaker

Media experience

Print, Digital, Radio



33 143136329

Current position

CNRS Research Professor, Paris School of Economics, France

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Oral evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics, London, and to the Conseil économique, social et environnemental, Paris

Past positions

CNRS Research Professor, Paris School of Economics; Consultant, OECD; Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College


PhD Economics, London School of Economics, 1989

Selected publications

  • “Satisfaction and comparison income.” Journal of Public Economics 61 (1996): 359–381 (with A. Oswald).

  • “Unemployment as a social norm: Psychological evidence from panel data.” Journal of Labor Economics 21 (2003): 323–351.

  • “Re-examining adaptation and the setpoint model of happiness: Reaction to changes in marital status.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 84 (2003): 527–539 (with R. Lucas, Y. Georgellis, and E. Diener).

  • “Relative income, happiness and utility: An explanation for the Easterlin Paradox and other puzzles.” Journal of Economic Literature 46 (2008): 95–144 (with P. Frijters and M. Shields).

  • “Attitudes to income inequality: Experimental and survey evidence.” In: Atkinson, A., and F. Bourguignon (eds). Elsevier Handbook of Income Distribution, Volume 2A, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2015; pp. 1147–1208 (with C. D’Ambrosio).