Jo Blanden
Subject Editor, Education and human capital

University of Surrey, and LSE, UK, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Subject Editor

Current position

Professor in Economics, School of Economics, University of Surrey, UK

Research interest

Intergenerational mobility, early education

Past positions

Lecturer in Economics, University of Surrey, UK (2005–2012); Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Surrey, UK (2012–2017); Reader in Economics, University of Surrey, UK (2017–2022)


PhD Economics, University College London, 2005

Selected publications

  • “Quantity and quality of childcare and children’s educational outcomes.” Journal of Population Economics 35 (2022): 785–828 (with E. Del Bono, B. Rabe, and K. Hansen).

  • Educational Inequality. IZA Discussion Paper No. 15225, 2022 (with M. Doepke and J. Stuhler).

  • Do Non-monetary Interventions Improve Staff Retention? Evidence from English NHS Hospitals. IZA Discussion Paper No. 15480, 2022 (with M. Sayli, G. Moscelli, C. Bojke, and M. Mello).

  • Trends in Absolute Income Mobility in North America and Europe. IZA Discussion Paper No. 13456, 2020 (with R. Manduca, M. Hell, A. Adermon, E. Bratberg, A. C. Gielen, H. Van Kippersluis, K. B. Lee, S. Machin, M. D. Munk, M. Nybom, Y. Ostrovsky, S. Rahman, and O. Sirniö).

  • “Educational inequality, educational expansion and intergenerational mobility.” Journal of Social Policy 45:4 (2016): 589–614 (with L. Macmillan).