Ian Walker

Lancaster University Management School, UK, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Former Editor

Current position

Professor of Economics, Lancaster University Management School, UK

Research interest

Applied empirical microeconomic issues including many aspects of: consumer behavior, income, and well-being; labor market behavior, especially labor supply, and wage determination; education economics, especially the graduate labour market; and the connections between these areas

Past positions

Visiting Professor, Princeton University; Research Fellow, IFS; Professor of Economics, University of Warwick


MA in Economics, University of Warwick, 1978

Selected publications

  • "Who really wants to be a millionaire? Estimating risk aversion from gameshow data." Journal of Applied Econometrics 29:6 (2013): 861–879 (with R. Hartley and G. Lanot).

  • "Labour supply effect of in-kind transfers.” IZA Journal of Labour Economics 2:1 (2013) (with P. Bingley).

  • "There's no such thing as a free lunch: Altruism and agency in household responses to child nutrition programs.” Review of Economics of the Household 11:3 (2013): 371–392 (with P. Bingley).

  • "The impact of pre-school on adolescents' outcomes." Economics of Education Review 37 (2013): 183–199 (with P. Apps and S. Mendolia).

  • "The impact of parental background on the educational attainment of their children." IZA Journal of Labour Economics 2:8 (2014): (with A. Chevalier, C. Harmon and V. O'Sullivan).