Shelly Lundberg
Associate Editor, Demography, family, and gender

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, University of Bergen, Norway, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Associate Editor

Current position

Broom Professor of Demography, Department of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Research interest

Labor economics, inequality, economics of the family

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Member, Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors, Washington State, 2005–2011; Economics Advisory Panel, Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2008 Strategic Master Plan for Higher Education; Government and Public Affairs Committee, Population Association of America and Association of Population Centers, 2008–2010

Past positions

Castor Professor of Economics, University of Washington, USA; Director, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, University of Washington, USA


PhD Economics, Northwestern University, 1981

Selected publications

  • “The College Type: Personality and Educational Inequality.” Journal of Labor Economics 31:3 (2013): 421-442.

  • “Decision-making by Children.” Review of Economics of the Household 7 (2009): 1-30 (with J. Romich and K.P. Tsang).

  • “On the Persistence of Racial Inequality.” Journal of Labor Economics (1998): 292-323 (with R. Startz).

  • “Do Husbands and Wives Pool Resources?: Evidence from the UK Child Benefit.” Journal of Human Resources (1997): 463-480 (with R. Pollack and T. Wales).

  • “Separate Spheres Bargaining and the Marriage Market.” Journal of Political Economy (1993): 988-1010 (with R. Pollak).