Publication policies

Ethical principles

IZA upholds the highest ethical standards in its research practices, and this extends to its publication practices for IZA World of Labor articles. All articles require careful selection of authors and topics, rigorous peer-review, and professional development editing. All authors must declare that they have observed IZA's Guiding Principles of Research Integrity and indicate any conflict of interest.

The right to perform plagiarism checks on submitted articles is reserved. It is also understood that the articles are not original research but are based on the best academic findings. Authors may use their previous work or joint work with others verbatim as long as an article makes sources and practices transparent, and does not infringe copyrights.

Open access statement

All articles published by IZA World of Labor are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.

Authors of articles published in IZA World of Labor are the copyright holders of their articles. For authors who are US government employees or are prevented from being copyright holders for similar reasons, IZA World of Labor can accommodate non-standard copyright lines. Please contact us if further information is needed.

Data citation

IZA recognizes the importance of proper citation of data in order to acknowledge the author's sources, to make identifying data easier, to promote the reproduction of research results, and to allow the impact of data to be tracked. It has therefore developed the IZA World of Labor data citation convention, which takes into account prior work done by respectable institutions. 

In addtion, the IDSC of IZA offers a data repository service for labor economics. It enables the creator of a data set to deposit it with IZA’s data repository, to document and preserve it. Each data set deposited is issued with a DOI to make it uniquely identifiable and citable. For support please contact