About IZA World of Labor

IZA World of Labor is a comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date information resource aimed at decision-makers interested in labor economics worldwide.

IZA World of Labor presents research results in a highly topical style. Written by well-known labor economists worldwide, the findings on each topic are presented in a compact and readable format, as distillations of comprehensive evidence-based research. All articles have a single author to enhance the trustworthiness of the findings and policy advice. Each article is reviewed by peers and edited by experienced writers to guarantee high research standards, quality, and readability.

IZA World of Labor addresses decision-makers interested in labor economics worldwide, particularly ministers and secretaries of state; members of parliament and their scientific officers; senior legal secretaries and their officers; representatives of employers, companies, and unions; members of such organizations as the ILO, OECD, and World Bank; NGOs and their staff members; CEOs and senior managers. It also caters to journalists, economics students, and the interested public.